My Health Insurance is not so bad.

Ok…I called CVS Caremark today to obtain the information on what I need to increase the amount of test strips per day. My endocrinologist told me a maximum of 12 per day. My obstetrician told me if her office writes a letter I can get 20 to 25 per day. After talking to my original customer service representative at caremark, she was of no help. I asked to speak with her manager. She routed me to a senior level customer service representative who was able to run a test claim. He said my coverage allows up to 20 per day without any additional information required besides the normal doctor stuff. I wasted 20 minutes of my lunch break on this task, but now I can school my endocrinologist. Persistence is paying off. Never trust the first answer when it comes to health insurance and diabetes . There are always loopholes.

Health Insurance Companies are a Pain in my Ass.

Yesterday, I tested my blood sugar 24 times. I had quite a few lows. For me, since I have been diabetic for 27 years, I have this stomach emptying issue where my body is delayed in processing food. At times, it can take more than 30 minutes for me to bounce back from a low blood sugar.

Because I have been eating so frequently, I am almost out of my 90 day supply of test strips. I called my endocrinologist’s office for a refill I asked for an increase to 20 per day. Apparently, that too many and the maximum is 12 maybe 15 if I am lucky.

Here is the problem. My obstetrician wants me to eat 3 meals and 3 snacks a day testing before and 1 hour after. Plus, a test at 3AM every night. Also, I am to test every 15 minutes while walking or doing activity, and before I drive for safety purposes. How in the world am I going to get these strips?

My health insurance is a good one and covers most things for diabetes. Unlike in the past, where I was paying for The majority of my care out of pocket. I am hoping to find some inexpensive solutions soon.

Why does everything related to my diabetes have to be so difficult?

Constipation Station

The cashier is waving my laxatives in the air for the line of 50 people behind us to see. She was doing big dance moves with my stool softener. I’m dying inside of embarrassment.

So…..I’m constipated. Apparently, it’s not uncommon during pregnancy. I let the pain and suffering go on for way too long. My stomach had severe cramps and I could barely sit down. This is so embarrassing. Let’s start from the beginning.

My husband and I went to the grocery store to pick up a couple things. I put some Colace in our cart, which is a laxative and stool softener. It’s approved to use while pregnant by my doctor’s office. I strategically hid the medicine under my other groceries while shopping. We were checking out and I placed the Colace in the middle of all the groceries to shield it.

Next thing you know, the cashier is waving the Colace around wildly. It was arm flares moving up and down and in a circle. She starts asking me a question. I have no idea what she is saying. There is shear horror on my face. I am thinking put down my laxatives. My husband quickly answers yes nothing my embarrassment. My husband and I look a each other with terror on our faces. Then we paid and ran out of there. So embarrassing.

Six Weeks and Stressed

My baby is six weeks as of Saturday. I had wonderful blood sugars while relaxing at the beach. Now today,I’m running high. I think it from work stress. My doctor thinks I need to change my site which I did. My concern is the baby is going to be large and have underdeveloped organs. I try to put this thought out of my mind.

It’s my first day back to work. I guess I am stressed. The question is how do I manage this uncontrollable issue. Yoga, meditation, tai chi, whatever. I am looking for ideas. How can I stop the highs before they start?


I am freaking starving for meatballs and angel hair pasta. For days, I have been thinking about meatballs. I want meatballs with gravy. When I say gravy, I mean the red, tomato based sauce not the brown, yucky sauce.

I haven’t eaten pasta in about a year. It was one of the many foods I gave up in order to obtain better glucose control. The diabetes minded part of me forces a strict number of carbohydrates for snacks and meals. Obviously, I want to maintain the best blood glucose control possible in my first trimester especially since the baby’s brain is forming right now.

The problem is the pregnant part of me wants to gorge on pasta and meatballs all day and night. Ugh…. I wish I was normal. I’ll let you know if I actually allow myself the meatballs and pasta….or maybe just some meatballs.

This rant may sound so specific and stupid. I know it is, but if you think about it with type one it’s a constant push pull struggle with or without pregnancy in the mix.

I’m having a good day…YAY!

Finally, my blood sugars are starting to even out. Thank you to my daily check in with an amazing obstetrician. She knows how to manage diabetes and pregnancy. I am so grateful I found her.

It has been a tough week. I randomly cry, my boobs feel bruised, and I have stomach, and back pain. However, it’s all manageable. I am very excited to visit the beach for a long weekend. I want to stay calm and relaxed. Everything is falling into place.

5 Weeks Pregnant

So I am 5 weeks pregnant. Everyone keeps saying how excited I should be and how wonderful and glorious this is.

I am excited, but also super nervous. I don’t want my diabetic body to fuck up this beautiful life that my husband and I created.

I’m bloated, constipated, my blood sugars are doing crazy things, and I’m so tired. The terrible part is when it’s time to sleep I can’t. This is rough. Please send positive vibes, so I can get through this with out acting like a huge jerk to the world.


I don’t know why but today I feel so unsettled after my doctor’s appointment. I’m worried about everything and feel so alone. I have the support of my husband, friends, and family. I just can’t shake these feelings. I’m so afraid of failing. How can I turn this around? I need positive energy.